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50 Surprising Ideas To Celebrate New Year's Eve 2017

Many people bid farewell to the old year with a party, welcoming in the New Year with resolutions, toasts of champagne, and spreading good wishes for a "Happy New Year".

A year's exit is generally noisy. And, people usually stay up and see the old year out. All over the world parties are held, fireworks lights up the sky; people ring out the old year and ring in the new with much anticipation.

New Year's Eve turns up so quickly, yet it remains one of the most important celebrations of the year for a lot of people. There are countless ways to see out the old year and welcome in the new, but there are so many options to consider, so many ideas, choosing yours from them and celebrate the New Year's Eve can be tricky.

New Year's Eve provides us with the opportunity to spend time together with family and friends. However, each and everyone of us has certain ideas that add zing to the celebration. I've curated and compiled a list of such ideas that are applied and practised across the world for centuries and can make your holiday an enjoyable one to remember.

new year eve 2017

Take a Stroll - New Year's Eve is the perfect time to take a stroll along the city, river or beach and open up on your feelings for another person. If your companion is someone who you're seeking for long, there's no night that could be better than this.
Visit a Bridge - bridges are usually illuminated on New Year's Eve. Bridges offer exquisite view on fireworks and their reflection on water. 
Take Selfies - taking selfies with fireworks on the background or illuminated structures can generate a plethora of likes and comments on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. 
Hit the Water - journeying on a boat ride around the city can be really enjoyable on New Year's Eve. You get to watch the glittery lights glinting off the water. 

Firework Frenzy - at midnight, cities will explode with fireworks. You get to view it all from the street. The fireworks may last hours. So, you can visit a few different locations and enjoy the view. 

Have Exotic Food - New Year's Eve presents us with an excellent opportunity to taste out something that you have long been desiring.

Aspen - Aspen, Colorado conceals a small mountain called Aspen. Throughout the end of December, people from all over the world visit this town to celebrate New Year's Eve. Its population of 6,700 people rises to 27,000 people. 
Visit Aspen - people flock to Aspen for the swank parties or to be submerged in champagne. You can consider going over there as it offers plenty of holiday activities. 

Wagner Park Celebration - the city's downtown Wagner Park can be part of your celebration. If you want to catch up with a bonfire, DJ party, and splendid displays of fireworks altogether, then head over there. 

Celebrate it like a 'Snowmass' - Aspen's neighboring town, Snowmass Village starts its New Year's celebration with a torchlight parade at 5:45 p.m. Then, fireworks and musical accompaniment kick off at 10 p.m. 
Party at the St. Regis - if you're staying at the St. Regis Aspen Resort in the Shadow Mountain Lounge, a free party with a DJ and a complimentary champagne toast will get you occupied for the night. 

Outdoor Winter Wonderland - the Aspen's Recreation Center's wing Outdoor Winter Wonderland is integrated with the "Whoa Nelly" Sledding Hill and outdoor skating rink, ARC-tic pond.
Aspen Art Museum - the Art Museum features modern art. On New Year's Eve, it's free for everyone to visit. 

Special Ski Activities - skiing can be a great way to start your New Year off. Aspen Skiing Co. keeps uphilling on all four of its ski areas free.

Atlanta - spending the New Year's Eve in Atlanta won't put a dent in your wallet. You could spend the night visiting, looking and having fun without spending much money. 
Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Parade - you follow college football or not. You don't wanna miss the extravagant New Year's Eve Day parade through downtown Atlanta. Classic cars whooshing past you or marching bands striking your eardrums, lots of cheering revelers; and everything else you can expect from a parade. 

Ring out the Old Year from Stone Mountain - Stone Mountain is the world's largest granite monolith. Surmounting it and watching the sunset from its top can be an excellent way to kiss the old year goodbye. 
Party at Bar Margot - the watering hole, Bar Margot is named after the Royal Tenenbaums' character. Anybody is welcome here to have a good time. 
Do it like an Atlanta Hipster - spots like the Atlanta BeltLine, Ladybird Grove are hotspots for all the cool kids. Pick your spot, hang out there and you get to be part of the city's "chillest" party.
Spend time at the Hunger Games set - yes, this is where MockingJay Part 1 was shot. The ruins of New Manchester Mill represents District 13. Strolling past Sweetwater Creek State Park will lead you to it.

Chicago - going out for New Year holidays can get expensive sometimes. But, it doesn't have to cost you that much to have a great revelry. 
Chi-Town Rising - it's a new addition to Chicago's festivals for New Year's Eve. The festival includes a free family event in Wrigley Square at Millennium Park. The theme caters to almost every culture around the world, so people from all over the world come and experience what the festival has to offer. Revelers can kick off their celebration at this free event, then you could find yourself a lookout over the Chicago river to vibe with live music. 

View the City on a Public Transport - Miller Lite tends to offer free rides for New Year. It's a brewing company, however it ran this free-ride program for four five years; transporting revelers to their home after a night-out celebration. 
View the ZooLights - Lincoln Park Zoo is always free to enter. But, on New Year's Eve, visit it for the ZooLights experience. The Zoo authority installs more than 2 million lights that illuminate the zoo area and create a never-before-seen environment. 
Catch a Glimpse of the Navy Pier Fireworks - it could be a hassle watching the fireworks by flowing with thousands of other people, so just head over to the museum campus and watch the show from the lakeshore. It's not as crowded and offers extreme ease in watching.

London, UK - convene your friends and family and see how London lights up at the turn of the year. Celebrating the New Year's Eve in London is a unique experience. Centuries-old traditions, merged with extravagant decorations can offer you an unforgettable New Year's Eve in London. 
Watch the Fireworks from the River - you may not be able to view this year's fireworks as tickets to London New Year's Eve fireworks have been sold out. However, you can hitch a Meteor Clipper or City Cruises and watch the fireworks. 

Take a Speedboat Ride - hop on a speedboat to travel around the Thames Rockets, your ride will cruise back to Central London to view the New Year's Eve fireworks. 
RS Hispaniola - it's a Thames boat restaurant anchored directly opposite the London Eye, thus it gives an amazing opportunity to view the New Year's Eve fireworks display with dinner, drinks and more. 

Club de Fromage - participate in the London's biggest pop party on New Year's Eve brought to you by Club de Fromage. Welcome in the New Year with Pyro displays, confetti surprises and streamers and many more surprises. 
Visit a Comedy Club - enjoy a comedic and funny evening at one of London's comedy clubs on New Year's Eve. 

Ice-Skate - ice-skating can be a fun way to enjoy an afternoon. You can skate late at night at the Natural History Museum ice rink. 
Sightseeing Tour of London - get your family members together and go on an enjoyable London tour with the kids and watch the city lit up with scintillating Christmas lights. 

Participate in the New Year's Day Parade - the London New Year's Day Parade accumulates around 8,000 performers, parading through Central London. Start the New Year off with the festive parade.

Paris, France - New Year's Eve is known in Paris as La Reveillon de Saint Sylvestre. To sum up the New Year's Eve night in Paris; dinners, events, cabaret, cruises and many more attractions. A trip to the Eiffel Tower, a multi-course dinner, champagne and comedy show; you can't ask for more.
Board a Boat - ready to start off your unforgettable night? It's such a surreal experience to see everything from a boat cruising along the Seine. You'll be served a multi-course traditional dinner when aboard. 
Dinner in an Eiffel Tower restaurant - well, booking a table at an Eiffel Tower restaurant is most likely to be sold out. So, book way before the New Year's Eve arrives. Do it now. Eating dinner right on the Eiffel Tower is alone magical, but to have it on a magical night like New Year's Eve? Just wow! 

Romantic Dinner on a Boat - sailing from Marina de Paris and you will cruise through the heart of the city and catch up with New Year celebrations. 
Keep Shaking - after dinner, dance the night away and enjoy the rest of the night. Dancing on a boat down the Seine presents a great opportunity to become romantic. 

Lido de Paris Dinner - Lido de Paris is an iconic cabaret for seventy years and it offers the most popular show in Central Paris. Once you go there for the iconic cabaret show, you won't leave until you feast on the 6-course New Year's Eve gala dinner. 
Feast on Exotic Dishes - dishes featuring lobster, foie gras, truffled veal, Kaspia caviar are totally mouth-watering. Then, you will served with wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux; all at Lido de Paris.
Paradis Latin - we all know Gustave Eiffel designed the Eiffel Tower, but did you know one of the famous cabarets in Paris was built by him also? The renowned cabaret features talented dancers.
Unlimited fine Bordeaux wines - dining on the 4-course menu will grant you unlimited fine Bordeaux wines. 
Visit Historical Churches - Paris is rife with enigmatic, lovely churches that reflect the glorious history. Your night could be a memorable one and well-spent, with visiting a Gothic masterpiece and curing your ears from a seasonal classical music concert.

New Year is termed "Shogatsu" in Japanese. It's the biggest holiday in Japan. So, visiting Japan during that time of the year is a great idea. Most Japanese people are on leave from work. The holidays span from December 29 to January 3. By the end of December 26, Japan is all adorned with lights and Christmas decorations. 
Prepare Mochi - Mochi, or rice cakes occupy the New Year's cuisine every time. So, make sure you prepare them as it highlights the New Year's cuisines. Served Mochi with dishes like ozoni. 
Have Toshikoshi Soba - it's the last meal of the year eaten in Japan. The dish contains buckwheat noodles. It's a common conception in Japan that the lengthy noodles offer longevity. 
Joya No Kane - yes, the phrase is Japanese. And, it refers to a ritual that is held at all the Buddhist temples across Japan to ring out the old year. The majority of the new year customs in Japan concerns the purification rites. It's one of them. It involves striking the temple bell 108 times. If you visit those temples allowing self-purification, then don't forget to ring the temple bell. 

Shower in the First Sunrise of the New Year - the first sunrise of the year is known as "hatsuhinode" in Japanese. It's believed that it has supernatural feature. Praying at the sight of the sun emerging is said to bring good luck. 
Binge - yes, you need to develop serious types of feasting habit during the holiday as Japan offers a variety of cuisine during New Year's festivities. Two major types of cuisine are "osechi" and "ozoni". And, they both are palatable. The latter used to be prepared on the battlefield and considered a nutritious stew. 

Toso - it's a custom practised in the Western regions of Japan. Toso includes 3 shallow dishes containing various types of herbs put on top of each other. Upon drinking them, they will dispel all the ill fortune of the previous year and bring good luck. 

Offer your First Prayer at a Shrine or Temple - even the Japanese who aren't spiritual at all follow this tradition of making their first prayer at a temple. During the first day of the year, people line up to donate and vociferate their wishes for the New Year. 

Omikuji - it's one of the most popular customs in Japan; practised in the New Year. It forecasts your future for the New Year. You will receive descriptions on health, finances, romance and more.
Buy an omamori - omamori refers to an object, said to offer protection from bad things. These objects are believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. 

But, remember burn an omamori. 
Tip Children - the practice is known as "otoshidama", which involves giving children envelopes of money. Kids tend to receive their first gratuity from their parents, then from other relatives.
Partake in Traditional Games - Japanese people also welcome in the year by playing many traditional games and activities. Of all games, the most popular is "hanetsuki". The game is a bit similar to badminton. Also, playing a few board games is also popular domestic pastimes.

Bottom Line - New Year's holidays can be an excellent opportunity to bond and have fun together. New Year's holidays make us remember the mistakes we made and the wrongdoing we committed, yet we hope to start afresh and rectify ourselves. The end of the years brings hope for the future. So, kiss the old year goodbye and welcome in the new year with ideas listed above.


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